The Rerikh Movement: A Homegrown Russian ‘New Religious Movement’

  title={The Rerikh Movement: A Homegrown Russian ‘New Religious Movement’},
  author={Roman Lunkin and Sergei Filatov},
  journal={Religion, State \& Society},
  pages={135 - 148}
When the Soviet Union died in 1991 the Soviet ideology died with it. This was not surprising. After the communist ideology established a monopoly of power in 1917, the decades that followed transformed it into a collection of meaningless formulae and primitive prejudices. This ideology was no longer seeking new answers to contemporary challenges, it was not developing, but just 'collapsed' and perished together with the political regime that was its protector. For the vast majority of the… 

‘Heterodox’ Religiosity in Russia after the Fall of Communism: Does it Challenge ‘Traditional’ Religion?

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Stanislavsky and Ramacharaka: The Influence of Yoga and Turn-of-the-Century Occultism on the System

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From Buddhism to “Cosmic Religion”: Religious Creativity in Kalmykia

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On the Good Faith : A Fourfold Discursive Construction of Zoroastrianism in Contemporary Russia

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Buddhism in post-Soviet Russia: The geographic contexts of 'revival'

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