The Republican Court and the Historiography of a Women’s Domain in the Public Sphere

  title={The Republican Court and the Historiography of a Women’s Domain in the Public Sphere},
  author={David S. Shields and Fredrika J. Teute},
  journal={Journal of the Early Republic},
  pages={169 - 183}
One of the more useful recent developments in feminist historiography has been the turn away from the simple binarism of public/ private in discussions of the social activities of early modem women in western cultures. In particular Dena Goodman's work on the salons of ancien regime France has recovered the public work of women in the private institutions of sociability that operated in distinction to court and state.1Goodman's understanding of the public sphere is Habermasian in that it… 
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مارثا واشنطن.. ودورها في استقلال وبناء الولايات المتحدة الامريكية 1731-1802م

الظروف الحياتية والتجارب التي يعيشها الافراد تعلمهم كثيراً قوة الشخصية والعزيمة والادارة ، وتُعد من العوامل المهمة في تكوين الشخصيات ، والمرء صاحب الشخصية القوية هو الذي يتمكن من مواجهة الازمات



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