The Republic of Liberia

  title={The Republic of Liberia},
  author={Reginald Charles Fulke Maugham},
  journal={The Geographical Journal},
In connection with the Financing Agreement (Financing Agreement) of this date between the Republic of Liberia (Member Country) and International Development Association (Association) providing financing (Credit) for the above-captioned Project, and the General Conditions (General Conditions) made applicable to the Financing Agreement, I am writing on behalf of the Member Country to set forth the following: 
Reforming Liberia's Forestry Sector
This article highlights the links between natural resource exploitation, corruption, and human rights abuses in conflict and immediate post-conflict situations in the context of Liberia. After
The implementation of international public sector accounting standards in Liberia: analysis of the benefits and challenges
This study evaluates the main factors influencing the implementation of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) in Liberia. The study adopted a survey design to collect data using a
Anti-corruption Efforts in Liberia: Are they Aimed at the Right Targets?
International agencies intervene to promote reform in Liberia with promises to remake the country. Yet elections produce victories for former wartime commanders and officials accused of corruption.
Liberia and the First World War 1914–1926
Although World War I plunged liberia into a serious economic crisis, it enabled the republic to consolidate and tighten her grip over the indigenous population by means of the Frontier Force and the
Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers and their contribution to health: An Analysis of Three Countries
  • S. Bartlett
  • Medicine, Political Science
    McGill journal of medicine : MJM : an international forum for the advancement of medical sciences by students
  • 2011
None of the PRSPs analysed comply with World Bank guidance on health and do not adequately portray the health situation within their countries, so health is not given a high priority in thePRSP process and is seemingly low on the agenda of both poor country governments and the International Financial Institutions.
Collective Security and the Legality of the ECOWAS Intervention in the Liberian Civil War
The spate of civil wars in sub-Sahatan Afica has not only consumed people and resources, it has raised issues regarding theù latent and patent causes, their impact on dobal security and on the regime
The Pacification of the Liberian Hinterland
  • H. Akingbade
  • History, Political Science
    The Journal of Negro History
  • 1994
The opening up of the Liberian hinterland was a gradual process in which the Liberian militia and, later, the Frontier Force, played a major role. Most of the Liberian settlements were situated on
Impact of IPSAS adoption on transparency and accountability in managing public funds in developing countries: Evidence from Liberia
International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) has become one of the popular tools implemented by governments to ensure greater transparency and accountability globally. This research
The Settler-African Conflicts: The Case of the Maryland Colonists and the Grebo 1840-1900
The purpose of this article is to analyze the nature of the conflicts between the Afro-American colonists in the Liberian colony of Maryland and the Grebo, an ethnic group that numbered well over
The Cultural Turn in International Aid
There exists a high volume of literature on international aid , yet few academic publications focus specifically on culture and international aid. This is particularly problematic, as the lack of


83 Population-based testing collects blood from a nationally representative sample of the population in their homes. This method provides direct information on HIV infection among adults
  • 83 Population-based testing collects blood from a nationally representative sample of the population in their homes. This method provides direct information on HIV infection among adults
Gompa & Gbarnga by increasing the volume of runoff/storm water captured by at least 10% annually to 2030 and by increasing the number of rain garden and cistern/rainwater harvesting installations
  • • Increase urban resilience through use of blue-green infrastructure in the 5 cities of Monrovia
Gompa & Gbarnga cities) focused on/dedicated to supporting green infrastructure in urban areas
  • from 15% of small businesses
Liberia Poverty Reduction Strategy @BULLET
  • Liberia Poverty Reduction Strategy @BULLET
• Establish cross-ministerial coordination mechanisms to mainstream practices for adaptive management of forests, coastal zones