The Republic of Cyprus

  title={The Republic of Cyprus},
  author={L{\'e}o-Paul Dana},
AbstractThe following sections are included:IntroductionHistorical OverviewTwo CulturesA Macro-Economic OverviewInfrastructureBankingThe Legal EnvironmentTourismToward the Future 

The Leviathan Field Triggering a Maritime Border Dispute Cyprus, Israel, and Lebanon†

ABSTRACT The discovery of the Leviathan field on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean has triggered a maritime dispute between Lebanon, Israel, and Cyprus. The aim of this paper is to construct

The Cyprus Hydrocarbons Issue: Context, Positions and Future Scenarios

The discovery of hydrocarbons by Eastern Mediterranean countries that were previously thought to have no such natural resources is changing the geopolitics and economics of the region in ways that

Archipelagos and Political Engineering: The Impact of Non-Contiguity on Devolution in Small States

Political architecture differences have only seldom been explained in the political science literature by reference to physical factors like size and geography. Correcting this neglect while focusing

Cyprus and EU enlargement to the Western Balkans: a balancing act*

  • Isabelle Ioannides
  • Political Science
    The National Politics of EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans
  • 2020
Abstract Cyprus’ commitment to the European perspective of the Western Balkans is shaped by a range of factors. As well as balancing its national interests, it also aims to stand by a ‘position of

The Republic of Cyprus and the Commonwealth in the 1960s

ABSTRACT Britain and other Commonwealth countries were reluctant to grant Cyprus full membership of the Commonwealth, but eventually conceded to accept full membership. There was also strong

13 Nationality and citizenship in Cyprus since 1945: Communal citizenship, gendered nationality and the adventures of a post-colonial subject in a divided country

Mapping out the complex historical, structural, politico-legal and cultural setting that has generated a specific mode of nationality in the context of Cyprus is no easy task. In fact, we cannot

COVID-19, India and Indirect Expropriation: Is the Police Powers Doctrine a Reliable Defence?

Like several countries, the global pandemic, COVID-19, has hit India quite badly. In order to stop the spread of the disease, India has imposed a stringent national lockdown. It may adopt several

Comparing Ethnic Conflicts: Common Patterns, Shared Challenges

Notwithstanding predictions over the past century and a half that minorities defined in ethnic, linguistic, or cultural terms would gradually reconcile themselves to coexistence in states dominated

Tourism, Modernisation and Development on the Island of Cyprus: Challenges and Policy Responses

The role of tourism as an agent of development in small island states is virtually universal. Indeed, for many islands, tourism is the principal source of employment and foreign exchange earnings and

Environmental Sustainability in the Conservation of Vernacular Architecture. The Case of Rural and Urban Traditional Settlements in Cyprus

ABSTRACT Vernacular dwellings, throughout the years, have been continually reused, adapted to the local conditions and survived as cultural testimonies providing a direct link with the past. The