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The Remote Control and Beyond: The Legacy of Robert Adler

  title={The Remote Control and Beyond: The Legacy of Robert Adler},
  author={Juan A. Acebr{\'o}n and Renato Spigler},
Robert Adler, best known as the co-inventor of the television remote control, died in February at the age of 93. He had been active, as a con-sultant in ultrasonics, well beyond the age of 90. Indeed, the last of his approximately 180 U.S. patents is dated February 1, 2007—two weeksbefore his death.Adler was born in Vienna in 1913 and received a doctorate in physics from the University of Vienna in 1937. Not long afterward he fledVienna for the United States, to escape Nazi persecution. In the… 
Diffusive Feedback , Dissipativeness and Synchronization of Coupled Oscillators
Synchronization turns to be a rather intuitive notion provided there exists a minimal knowledge about oscillators and oscillatory behavior. According to an expert [10] early theory arose (at least
Dynamic description of the circadian clock entrainment in cyanobacteria by a phase oscillator model
This work shows that this biological clock ofyanobacteria behaves like a phase oscillator, and its behaviour under the influence of an external entrainment can be discribed by the simple Adler model.


A Study of Locking Phenomena in Oscillators
  • R. Adler
  • Physics, Engineering
    Proceedings of the IRE
  • 1946
Impression of an external signal upon an oscillator of similar fundamental frequency affects both the instantaneous amplitude and instantaneous frequency. Using the assumption that time constants in
Phase compactons
Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order
In "Sync" professor Steven Strogatz considers a range of applications - human sleep and circadian rhythms, menstrual synchrony, insect outbreaks, superconductors, Lasers, secret codes, heart arrhythmias and fads - connecting all through an exploration of the same mathematical theme: self-organization, or the spontaneous emergence of order out of chaos.
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A dynamic theory of coupled oscillators is developed and applied to the class of loosely coupled quasi-optical oscillator arrays. This theory permits the calculation of stable, steady-state phase
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This work discusseschronization of complex dynamics by external forces, which involves synchronization of self-sustained oscillators and their phase, and its applications in oscillatory media and complex systems.
The Kuramoto model: A simple paradigm for synchronization phenomena
Synchronization phenomena in large populations of interacting elements are the subject of intense research efforts in physical, biological, chemical, and social systems. A successful approach to the
Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order
A universal concept in nonlinear sciences
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