The Relevance of Psychical Research to Philosophy

  title={The Relevance of Psychical Research to Philosophy},
  author={Charlie Dunbar Broad},
  pages={291 - 309}
  • C. Broad
  • Published 1 October 1949
  • Philosophy, Psychology
  • Philosophy
I will begin this paper by stating in rough outline what I consider to be the relevance of psychical research to philosophy, and I shall devote the rest of it to developing this preliminary statement in detail. 

The Role of Metaphysical Naturalism in Science

This paper defends the view that metaphysical naturalism is a constitutive ontological principle of science in that the general empirical methods of science, such as observation, measurement and

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IONS is the name for the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ “moonshot” research program. Its purpose is to demonstrate practical applications of nonlocal consciousness-related phenomena. The applications

Skepticism about the paranormal: Legitimate and illegitimate

Skepticism operates as a methodological principle of inquiry, testing hypotheses and theories in the light of evidence, but always open to new departures in thought.

Is Anti-Science not-Science?

In this paper, we try to show that it is not possible to ascribe, unambiguously, the label ‘anti-scientific’ to a set of ideas. Anti-science is a description applicable to certain human activities;

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Authoritarianism and Paranormal Beliefs

Eighty-five participants completed the Revised Paranormal Beliefs Scale (PBS [1]) and the Authoritarianism-Rebellion Scale (ARS [2]). Results indicate that authoritarianism is positively correlated

Parapsychology: Science of the anomalous or search for the soul?

Although there has been over a century of formal empirical inquiry, parapsychologists have clearly failed to produce a single reliable demonstration of “paranormal,” or “psi,” phenomena. Although