The Relative Index Theorem for General First-Order Elliptic Operators

  title={The Relative Index Theorem for General First-Order Elliptic Operators},
  author={Lashi Bandara},
  journal={The Journal of Geometric Analysis},
  • Lashi Bandara
  • Published 24 November 2021
  • Mathematics
  • The Journal of Geometric Analysis
The relative index theorem is proved for general first-order elliptic operators that are complete and coercive at infinity over measured manifolds. This extends the original result by Gromov–Lawson for generalised Dirac operators as well as the result of Bär–Ballmann for Dirac-type operators. The theorem is seen through the point of view of boundary value problems, using the graphical decomposition of elliptically regular boundary conditions for general first-order elliptic operators due to Bär… 



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