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The Relationship of Takaful Agents' Islamic Ethical Behaviour towards Customers' Satisfaction, Trust and Commitment: A Preliminary Analysis

  title={The Relationship of Takaful Agents' Islamic Ethical Behaviour towards Customers' Satisfaction, Trust and Commitment: A Preliminary Analysis},
  author={Marhanum Che Mohd Salleh and Nurdianawati Irwani Abdullah and Siti Salwani Razali},
Takaful agents have become among the important distribution channels in Takaful industry. Besides selling Takaful products, the agents must practice Islamic ethical behaviour in dealing with customers. This research seeks to investigate the relationship between Takaful agents’ Islamic ethical behaviour and customers’ satisfaction, trust and commitment. As there are limited studies conducted in this area, this research provides a preliminary analysis with 30 Takaful customers. Data were… 

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