The Relationship between the Economic and Financial Crises and Unemployment Rate in the European Union: How Institutions Affected Their Linkage?

  title={The Relationship between the Economic and Financial Crises and Unemployment Rate in the European Union: How Institutions Affected Their Linkage?},
  author={Ionel Vasile Jianu},
  journal={EconStor Open Access Articles},
  • I. Jianu
  • Published 22 May 2019
  • Economics
  • EconStor Open Access Articles
This paper aims to estimate the impact of economic and financial crises on the unemployment rate in the European Union, taking also into consideration the institutional specificities, since unemployment was the main channel through which the economic and financial crisis influenced the social developments.. In this context, I performed two institutional clusters depending on their inclusive or extractive institutional features and, in each cases, I computed the crisis effect on unemployment… Expand

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