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The Relationship between Vitamin B 12 Deficiency and Red Cell Distribution Width-Platelet Ratio

  title={The Relationship between Vitamin B 12 Deficiency and Red Cell Distribution Width-Platelet Ratio},
  author={Nigar Yilmaz and Mustafa Abdullah Yilmaz},
Objective: We aimed to investigate the relationship between vitamin B12 deficiency and red cell distribution widthplatelet ratio (RPR), and the variations in the parameters on vitamin B12 treatment. Methods: One hundred fifty-four patients with untreated vitamin B12 deficiency (56% men, mean age: 50 ± 12.7 years) (untreated group), 86 patients with vitamin B12 deficiency (62% men, mean age: 42 ± 20.7 years) on vitamin B12 treatment (treated group), and 92 ageand sex-matched control group (54… Expand

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