The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: A Case of Turkey

  title={The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: A Case of Turkey},
  author={Orhan Gokmen},
  journal={International Journal of Economics and Finance},
  • Orhan Gokmen
  • Published 15 June 2021
  • Economics
  • International Journal of Economics and Finance
This paper examines the relationship between net FDI inflows and real GDP for Turkey from 1970 to 2019. Although conventional economic growth theories and most empirical research suggest that there is  a bi-directional positive effect between these macro variables, the results indicate that there is a uni- directional significant short-run positive effect of real GDP on net FDI inflows to Turkey by employing the Vector Error Correction Model, Granger Causality, Impulse Response Functions and… 


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