The Relationship Between Iron Storage and Anaemia

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cells. The ironprotein complex, ferritin, isdifficult todemonstrate asitoccursasa diffuse non-particulate material, buthaemosiderin canreadily beseenas itforms golden granules whichgive aniron reaction withtheordinary histochemical methods. Ithasbeensuggested that ofthese twocompounds ferritin isthemorelabile andreadily takes partin thesynthesis ofhaemoglobin, whereas haemosiderin isthereserve store formed, either astheresult of denaturation ofhaemoglobin orbypolymerization whenthereisadequate… 
Nature of Anaemia in Rheumatoid Arthritis
The principal object of the investigation was to estimate the content of the marrowina series of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in order to determine whether thequantity ofiron in themarrow wasrelated to the degree of anaemia, theplasma ironlevel, the activity ofthedisease, or its duration.
The quantitative estimation of total iron stores in human bone marrow.
How much iron is normally stored in the reticulo-endothelial cells of the bone marrow is found and the extent to which these stores can expand when iron overload is present is defined.
Marrow iron stores in anemia.
A study of bone marrow iron stores measured qualitatively, as reported by Rath and Finch, and correlated the iron stores with the circulating hemoglobin level and with the type of anemia present.
Comparison of the ‘Iron Absorption Test’ with the Determination of the Iron‐Binding Capacity of Serum in the Diagnosis of Iron Deficiency *
A comparison of the results of an iron absorption test in patients with iron deficiency with the determination of the latent iron-binding capacity of the serum is presented to study which of the two methods is to be preferred in the diagnosis of iron deficiency.
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The present cases given iron therapy with varying haemoglobin concentrations were studied to explore this phenomenon, referred to in the past as “non-response” to iron.
Availability of iron sorbitol for hemoglobin formation as studied with phlebotomy.
The urinary iron excretion after desferrioxamine (DF) in subjects treated with iron sorbitol was found to be significantly higher than in subjects with normal iron stores of corresponding size, and it was suggested that this was due to localization of a fraction of iron Sorbitol to tubular cells of the kidneys where DF reaches a high concentration.
Iron deficiency anaemia and ‘normal’ bone marrow haemosiderin
SummaryDuring a survey of patients with epithelial symptoms, pica and restless legs an apparently normal amount of stainable iron was found in the bone marrow of four women with chronic iron
Reticuloendothelial cell in the bone marrow and its relationship to iron metabolism.
Histological and metabolic studies of iron in reticulum cells of the liver, spleen and bone marrow after the administration of colloidal iron and Mohr's salt were carried out in rabbits under various experimental conditions, and there was a moderate correlation between the number of iron granules in the bone marrow Reticulum cell and in sideroblasts.
Depoteisen im Knochenmark
Iron staining of the lumps of marrow in sternal punctates by the Berlin blue reaction permits a reliable quantitative estimation of the iron deposit in the reticular cell.
What is the evidence for gender differences in ferritin and haemoglobin?


Iron metabolism; the pathophysiology of iron storage.
This sequence of events, whether following excessive iron absorption or parenteral iron administration is believed to be responsible for the clinical and pathologic picture of hemochromatosis.
Serum Iron in Normal Women
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As shown in the present experiments, when examining the useful action of any factor on the process of ageing it is dangerous not to take into consideration the harmful effects which are present simultaneously with the useful ones.
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