The Relationship Between Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexual Dysfunction in Jamaican Adults

  title={The Relationship Between Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexual Dysfunction in Jamaican Adults},
  author={Antoneal N Swaby and K. Morgan},
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This study examined the associations between early traumatic sexualization and later sexual dysfunction in a sample of 100 Jamaican adults while identifying the linkages between age, frequency of abuse, and gender on sexual functioning. Participants were selected via purposive and convenience sampling and divided equally into comparison and experimental groups based on sociodemographic characteristics. Results indicated that childhood sexual abuse is a likely factor in the development of sexual… Expand
The Pathways of Problematic Sexual Behavior: A Literature Review of Factors Affecting Adult Sexual Behavior in Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Research shows that many adult sexual behaviors may be related to childhood sexual abuse (CSA), ranging from withdrawal and dysfunction on one end of the spectrum to hypersexuality and compulsion onExpand
The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Women's Sexual Health: A Comprehensive Review.
Review of mechanisms proposed to account for the relation between CSA and sexual health suggests that a lack of positive emotions related to sexuality, rather than greater negative emotions, appears to be more relevant to the sexual health of women with CSA histories. Expand
Effects of Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse on Sexual Functions in Patients with Social Anxiety Disorder
Objective: Childhood physical and sexual abuse has been associated with the diagnoses of major depression and anxiety disorders. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of CSA/CPA andExpand
The relationship between childhood sexual/physical abuse and sexual dysfunction in patients with social anxiety disorder
Investigation of the effects of childhood sexual and physical abuse, and co-morbid depression on sexual functions in patients with social anxiety disorder (SAD) found CSA and depression should be considered and questioned as an important factor for SAD patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Expand
Reports of traumatic sexualisation in a group of female survivors of childhood sexual abuse
It is suggested that traumatic sexualisation causes distorted sexual developmental evident in the development of confusion around sexual norms, selfcapacity disturbances, and a distorted view of males. Expand
Traumatic childhood sexual events and secondary sexual health complaints in neurotic disorders
Summary Aim. Assessment of the association between self-reported sexual complaints and recalled childhood sex- ual adversities in a sample of psychotherapy patients. Material and methods .Expand
Psychosocial Pathways to Sexual Dysfunction Among Female Inmates
  • D. Baltieri
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Archives of sexual behavior
  • 2014
With the affected population rarely receiving psychosocial management for sexual dysfunction, service delivery efforts should be intensified to target this high-risk population. Expand
[Sexual traumatic events and neurotic disorders picture--sexuality-related and sexuality-unrelated symptoms].
Regression analyses showed a significant relationship between the analyzed events and symptoms, for instance, lack of sexual satisfaction in adulthood co-occurred in women with punishing for childhood sexual plays or masturbation, which suggests that the impact of childhood sexual trauma is mainly focused on the area of sexual dysfunctions. Expand
“I Kept It to Myself”: Young Jamaican Men Who Have Sex with Men’s Experiences with Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
This study focused on JMSM’s experiences with CSA and sexual assault and how these domains relate to HIV prevention, and analyzed qualitative data from 20 semi-structured in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with 10 men. Expand
Introduction: The issues of the psychiatric disorders and physical abuses resulting from sexual abuse on children are no different from those occurring in adults. In fact, studies have empiricallyExpand


Child Sexual Abuse: Associations with the Sexual Functioning of Adolescents and Adults
A developmental framework is used to guide the understanding of the effects of CSA, as well as gender and ethnic differences, on the sexual functioning of male and female survivors. Expand
Sexual Functioning in Women Reporting a History of Child Sexual Abuse: Review of the Empirical Literature and Clinical Implications
The question concerning the applicability of traditional sex therapy for CSA survivors versus a modified treatment is discussed and recent developments in the field of sexual functioning as well as future directions for the field are highlighted. Expand
A review of the long-term effects of child sexual abuse.
There is insufficient evidence to confirm a relation between a history of childhood sexual abuse and a postsexual abuse syndrome and multiple or borderline personality disorder, but force and threat of force may be a necessary concomitant. Expand
Long-term correlates of child sexual abuse: Theory and review of the empirical literature
Since Browne and Finkelhor's (1986) seminal review of the impact of child sexual abuse, there has been a dramatic increase in the child sexual abuse literature. Because of this tremendous growth inExpand
Sexual dysfunction in the United States: prevalence and predictors.
The results indicate that sexual dysfunction is an important public health concern, and emotional problems likely contribute to the experience of these problems. Expand
Rage and women's sexuality after childhood sexual abuse: a phenomenological study.
There is a need to create treatment programs that empower survivors to avoid revictimization, and ways rage and maladaptive behaviors are learned in childhood and carry over into adult relationships are provided. Expand
A review of the short-term effects of child sexual abuse.
Given the broad range of outcome among sexual abuse victims, as well as the methodological weaknesses present in many of the studies reviewed, it is not possible at this time to postulate the existence of a "post-sexual-abuse-syndrome" with a specific course or outcome. Expand
The relation of child sexual abuse and depression in young women: comparisons across four ethnic groups.
To investigate the relation of child sexual abuse to depression and whether this relation differed by ethnicity, 2,003 women between 18 and 22 years of age were surveyed about family histories, sexual abuse, and depression. Expand
Sexual abuse in a national survey of adult men and women: prevalence, characteristics, and risk factors.
Higher rates of abuse were found among women who grew up in unhappy families, lived for some period without one of their natural parents, received inadequate sex education, were currently residing in the West or who were born after 1925. Expand
Signs of Resilience in Sexually Abused Adolescent Girls in the Foster Care System
The results revealed that the girls with resilient trajectories were significantly more certain of their educational plans and optimistic about their future and had more positive peer influences. Expand