The Reference Model Architecture for MPEG Spatial Audio Coding

  title={The Reference Model Architecture for MPEG Spatial Audio Coding},
  author={J{\"u}rgen Herre and H. Purnhagen and Jeroen Breebaart and Christof Faller and Sascha Disch and Kristofer Kj{\"o}rling and Erik Gp Schuijers and Johannes Hilpert and F. Myburg},
Recently, technologies for parametric coding of multi-channel audio signals have received wide attention under the name of “Spatial Audio Coding.” In contrast to a fully discrete representation of multi-channel sound, these techniques allow for a backward compatible transmission at bitrates only slightly higher than rates commonly used for mono / stereo sound. Motivated by this prospect, the MPEG Audio standardization group started a new work item on Spatial Audio Coding. This paper reports on… CONTINUE READING
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