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The Red Sea : Birth of an Ocean Enrico Bonatti , Anna Cipriani , and Luca Lupi

  title={The Red Sea : Birth of an Ocean Enrico Bonatti , Anna Cipriani , and Luca Lupi},
  author={Enrico Bonatti and Anna Cipriani and Luca Lupi},
Nowhere on the present-day Earth can the transition from a continental to an oceanic rift be observed and studied better than in the Red Sea region, where three rifts in different stages of evolution meet in a triple point located in the Afar region. A thermal and/or compositional mantle plume may have risen from the upper mantle below Afar already at *30 Ma, and may have triggered, at least in part, the rifting process. The axial area of the rifts is marked by intense seismicity. While the… 


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