The Red Atlantic: Transoceanic Cultural Exchanges

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  • J. Weaver
  • Published 2011
  • History
  • The American Indian Quarterly
Medical Appropriation in the ‘Red’ Atlantic: Translating a Mi’kmaq smallpox cure in the mid-nineteenth century
This thesis answers the questions of what was travelling, how, and why, when a Kanien’kehaka woman living amongst the Mi’kmaq at Shubenacadie sold a remedy for smallpox to British and HaligonianExpand
Caribe, corazón de la modernidad.
  • M. Queiroz
  • Computer Science
  • Cultura Latinoamericana Revista de estudios interculturales
  • 2018
Los flujos caribeños son traídos para encarar los silencios, pausas and contratiempos articulados en las narrativas hegemónicas sobre el Occidente, así como para pensar otra historia global that dé cuenta of the polifonía política engendrada by the expansión imperialista and by the respectiva resistencia anticolonial. Expand
Marketing Missions: Material Culture, Theological Convictions, and Empire in 18th-Century Christian Philanthropy
In the 18th century, Halle Pietists were part of a global missionary network that reached into North America and that anticipated later developments in worldwide evangelical missions; Pietists madeExpand
Law, Settler Colonialism, and “the Forgotten Space” of Maritime Worlds
Law and settler colonialism is not a self-evident, contained, or straightforward field of inquiry. Rather, it uneasily straddles two overlapping bodies of scholarship: legal histories of colonialismExpand
The Red Atlantic: Travelling Debates
By applying the concept of the “Red Atlantic,” partially inspired by that of “the Black Atlantic,” the chapter shows how the mobility and interchange between Europeans and the indigenous populationsExpand
Traduttore/Traditore: Motivated Mistranslation and the Unsettlement of America
Works of tremendous energy and ambition during the past few years have enriched our insights into early contact between Europeans and the indigenous peoples of the Americas in large part byExpand


The ‘Tempest’ in the Wilderness: The Racial- ization of Savagery,” in A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America (New
  • 1993
The Heirs of Columbus
"If you must read a book on Columbus," declared the Los Angeles Times in its review of The Heirs of Columbus, "this is the one." Gerald Vizenor's novel reclaims the story of Chrisopher Columbus onExpand
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American Indian Liter- ary Nationalism (Albuquerque
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American Indian Literary Nationalism
In a contentious field characterised by divergence of opinion, "American Indian Literary Nationalism" intervenes in recent controversial debates on the role of hybridity, suggesting common senseExpand