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The Recovery of Benthic Communities Following Organic Enrichment: Examples from Caged Finfish Aquaculture

  title={The Recovery of Benthic Communities Following Organic Enrichment: Examples from Caged Finfish Aquaculture},
  author={Catriona Macleod},
A clear understanding of the factors affecting recovery processes is required for effective management of the impacts of organic enrichment on marine sedimentary environments. Using finfish aquaculture as an example this study investigated the recovery response in southern temperate sediments, identifying critical processes and indicators that could be used to improve management practices. Ecological and geochemicg responses and the effect of regional differences in the extent and rate of… Expand


Assessment of long term change in sediment condition after organic enrichment: defining recovery.
This study highlighted two other key issues in relation to monitoring and management of sediment recovery: first, techniques used to determine impact may not be appropriate for evaluation of recovery and second, establishment of local baseline standards is extremely important to ensure appropriate evaluation of both impact and recovery. Expand
Recovery of sediments after cessation of marine fish farm production
Combinations of different environmental parameters appear to affect different stages of benthic recovery with sediment oxygen uptake as the main observed parameter conditioning early stages of macrobenthic succession. Expand
Use of macrobenthic infaunal communities in the monitoring and control of the impact of marine cage fish farming
Macrobenthic infaunal responses were considered to provide the best measure to date of determining the impacts of organic wastes from cage fish farming and a possible way forward in developing benthic Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) for aquaculture. Expand
Recolonization and succession of marine macrobenthos in organic-enriched sediment deposited from fish farms.
  • L. Lu, R. Wu
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Environmental pollution
  • 1998
The rapid recolonization and succession of the macrobenthic community on organic-enriched sediment suggested that present fish farming methods are unlikely to have a long-term impact on benthic communities once farming activities are reduced/ceased. Expand
Assessing Benthic Impacts of Organic Enrichment from Marine Aquaculture
Benthic observations were carried out at 22 stations in the Western Isles region of the Bay of Fundy on the east coast of Canada to evaluate impacts at salmon aquaculture sites. Eleven sites wereExpand
Response to organic enrichment of infaunal macrobenthic communities under salmonid seacages
The response of infaunal macrobenthic communities beneath salmonid seacages to solid organic wastes was tested by means of the ABC-method and proved to be a sensitive indicator of community health. Expand
The effect of salmon farming on the benthos of a Scottish sea loch
It is shown that salmon farming had similar effects on the benthos as other forms of organic enrichment, but the effects were limited to a small area in the immediate vicinity of the cages. Expand
Broad-scale effects of marine salmonid aquaculture on macrobenthos and the sediment environment in southeastern Tasmania
Amongst the univariate metrics examined, redox potential at 40 mm depth and the ratio of bivalves to total molluscs provided the most sensitive indicators of farm impacts, with the latter metric relatively insensitive to spatial variation between locations within the region studied. Expand
The environmental impact of marine fish culture: Towards a sustainable future
  • R. Wu
  • Environmental Science
  • 1995
Abstract The environmental impact of marine fish-farming depends very much on species, culture method, stocking density, feed type, hydrography of the site and husbandry practices. In general, someExpand
Techniques for farm-based assessment of sediment health associated with the commercial culture of Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar L.) in Tasmania
Many studies have been carried out to evaluate the effects of organic enrichment on the marine environment, several of which specifically investigated the environmental impacts of cage fish farming.Expand