The Reasonable Effectiveness of Agent-Based Simulations in Evolutionary Game Theory

  title={The Reasonable Effectiveness of Agent-Based Simulations in Evolutionary Game Theory},
  author={Christoph Adami and Jory Schossau and Arend Hintze},
  journal={Physics of life reviews},

Study on the evolutionary game theory of the psychological choice for online purchase of fresh produce under replicator dynamics formula

  • Yan Chen
  • Business
    Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences
  • 2021
Abstract First, the research results of using game theory in the field of agricultural product quality and safety at home and abroad are reviewed and summarised, and the shortcomings of classical

Simulation of an evolutionary game for a wealth distribution model structured in a small world network

An evolutionary game theory method was used to establish wealth exchange between economical agents structured in a small world network based on México's population income data sets dividing it in ten equal sized groups with different range of income stated as agents in the model.

A label noise filtering and label missing supplement framework based on game theory



Evolutionary game theory using agent-based methods.

Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma contains strategies that dominate any evolutionary opponent

It is shown that there exists no simple ultimatum strategy whereby one player can enforce a unilateral claim to an unfair share of rewards, but such strategies unexpectedly do exist.

From extortion to generosity, evolution in the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma

This work identifies a closely related set of generous strategies, which cooperate with others and forgive defection, that replace extortionists and dominate in large populations of players in iterated, two-player games.

Boldly Going Beyond Mathematics

Holland offers a framework for analyzing complex adaptive systems through considerations of the signals and boundaries among their evolving parts. Holland offers a framework for analyzing complex

A Computer Scientist's View of Life, the Universe, and Everything

  • J. Schmidhuber
  • Computer Science
    Foundations of Computer Science: Potential - Theory - Cognition
  • 1997
Is the universe computable? If so, it may be much cheaper in terms of information requirements to compute all computable universes instead of just ours. I apply basic concepts of Kolmogorov

Quasispecies theory in the context of population genetics

  • C. Wilke
  • Biology
    BMC Evolutionary Biology
  • 2005
It is demonstrated for a number of cases that the quasispecies concept is equivalent to the concept of mutation-selection balance developed in population genetics, and that there is no disagreement between the population genetics of haploid, asexually-replicating organisms and quasisPEcies theory.