The Reality in Bohmian Quantum Mechanics or Can You Kill with an Empty Wave Bullet?

  title={The Reality in Bohmian Quantum Mechanics or Can You Kill with an Empty Wave Bullet?},
  author={Lev Vaidman},
  journal={Foundations of Physics},
  • L. Vaidman
  • Published 31 December 2003
  • Physics
  • Foundations of Physics
Several situations, in which an empty wave causes an observable effect, are reviewed. They include an experiment showing ‘‘surrealistic trajectories’’ proposed by Englert et al. and protective measurement of the density of the quantum state. Conditions for observable effects due to empty waves are derived. The possibility (in spite of the existence of these examples) of minimalistic interpretation of Bohmian quantum mechanics in which only Bohmian positions supervene on our experience is… 

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Experimental situations in which we observe quantum effects that deviate from the intuitive expecta- tions of the classical world call for an interdisciplinary discussion, and one fundamental issue

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It is emphasized that Bohmian mechanics, which does not distinguish between microscopic and macroscopic systems, implies that the quantum weirdness of quantum physics also shows up at the macro-scale.

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A novel manifestation of nonlocality of quantum mechanics is presented. It is shown that it is possible to ascertain the existence of an object in a given region of space without interacting with it.

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This work gives an alternative interpretation of the wave function for a single system by means of a measurement which lasts a long time, which determines the expectation values of observables while the wavefunction is protected from collapsing because it undergoes another suitably chosen interaction.

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Preface. I: Bohmian Mechanics: Background and Fundamentals. 1. The Causal Quantum Theory Program J.T. Cushing. 2. Bohmian Mechanics as the Foundation of Quantum Mechanics D. Durr, et al. 3.

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