The Real Significance of the Nootka Sound Incident

  title={The Real Significance of the Nootka Sound Incident},
  author={L. Mills},
  journal={The Canadian Historical Review},
  pages={110 - 122}
  • L. Mills
  • History
  • The Canadian Historical Review
  • "A FIGHT for the catskins of Nootka." In the whole of British foreign policy few incidents perhaps have been more misunderstood both at the tirr/e and at the present day. On the one hand, Pitt was accused of well-nigh plunging half Europe into war to recover a wooden hut, and in return to make a "most abject and humiliating" surrender to Spain. • Contrariwise, and especially, perhaps, among modern writers, he has been acclaimed as wresting from Spain the sovereignty of the British Columbia… CONTINUE READING
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