The Raman Effect with Hydrochloric Acid Gas: the ‘Missing Line.’

  title={The Raman Effect with Hydrochloric Acid Gas: the ‘Missing Line.’},
  author={Robert Williams Wood},
  • R. Wood
  • Published 1 February 1929
  • Chemistry
  • Nature
I HAVE obtained lines of modified wave-length by the excitation of hydrochloric acid gas at atmospheric pressure, by the light of a glass Cooper-Hewitt lamp about five feet in length, placed parallel to and in contact with the tube containing the HCl, the whole being completely surrounded by a cylindrical reflector of very highly polished aluminium, which was in contact with the two glass tubes. Under these conditions the temperature of the gas was about 100° C., as indicated by a thermometer… 
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The Raman Effect.
IT is now just two years since the effect known by his name was discovered by Sir Chandrasakara Raman,1 but the phenomenon has aroused so much interest that even in this short time a tremendous