The Raman Effect in X-ray Scattering

  title={The Raman Effect in X-ray Scattering},
  author={Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan},
THAT a quantum of radiation can be absorbed in part by an atomic system, and the remaining part scattered by it giving rise to a radiation of increased wave-length, has been demonstrated by recent work on the scattering of light in material media. In his address on “A New Radiation” (Ind. Jour. Phys., vol. 2, p. 398, Mar. 31, 1928) Raman pointed out that precisely similar effects should also be observable in the case of X-ray scattering. In other words, in addition to the Compton type, we… 
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Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan, 1898-1961

India lost a distinguished physicist and philosopher in the death of Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan, whose contributions to science and his achievements especially in physics won international recognition.