The Radio-Elements and the Periodic Law

  title={The Radio-Elements and the Periodic Law},
  author={Frederick Soddy},
  • F. Soddy
  • Published 1 March 1913
  • Physics
  • Nature
I AM grateful to Prof. Schuster for the opportunity he has afforded by his letter (NATURE, March 13) for the discussion of the wide generalisations that have been made with regard to the position of the radio-elements in the periodic table, consequent on the recent experimental work of A. Fleck and of the theoretical suggestions of A. S. Russell and K. Fajans. The whole question is one in which it is important that there should not be any doubt as to the real nature of the evidence adduced… 

Soddy and the Classification of the Elements

The periodic system of the chemical elements was discovered during the 1860s on the basis of experiment rather than theory. In 1913 its theoretical confirmation as a classification system appeared

The Suicidal Success of Radiochemistry

  • L. Badash
  • History
    The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 1979
In his presidential address to the chemistry section of the British Association in 1907, Arthur Smithells pointed to work in radioactivity with wonder, calling it the ‘chemistry of phantoms’. Indeed,

Whom should we credit for the discovery of isotopes?

  • G. Eaton
  • Education
    Foundations of Chemistry
  • 2019
Whom should we credit for the discovery of isotopes? The first suggestion of an idea, the first experimental proof, or the development of a new method that clearly reveals the isotopes? Strömholm and

One Hundred Years Ago: The Birth of Uranium-Series Science

One hundred years ago: the date is 1903, and it is an auspicious year in the history of radiochemistry. 1903 witnessed the first published version of a radioactive decay chain; the submission of

A Short History of Early Work on Isotopes

A brief introduction deals with the time period from Dalton to the discovery of isotopes by Soddy and Fajans in the early twentieth century which was soon followed by the invention of the mass


Selection of the isotope concept for a Citation for Chemical Breakthrough award in 2013 presented both a dilemma of identifying the most appropriate publication to honor and an opportunity for

Unravelling the Mystery of the Atomic Nucleus: A Sixty Year Journey 1896 — 1956

Foreword.- Chapter 1. Radioactivity, the First Puzzles.- The "Uranic Rays" of Henri Becquerel.- Polonium and Radium.- Emanation from Thorium.- The Puzzle is Disentangled.- Consecrations and Mourning:

High-precision measurement of the proton’s atomic mass

We report on the precise measurement of the atomic mass of a single proton with a purpose-built Penning-trap system. With a precision of 32 parts per trillion our result not only improves on the


This study focuses on an interesting and important phenomenon that was employed in a new approach to laser isotope separation that has been recently proposed and developed in our laboratory for