The Racial Politics of Protection: A Critical Race Examination of Police Militarization

  title={The Racial Politics of Protection: A Critical Race Examination of Police Militarization},
  author={Fanna Gama},
  journal={California Law Review},
  • F. Gama
  • Published 28 September 2016
  • Law, Political Science
  • California Law Review
Across the country, police departments are using aggressive, military-style tactics and weapons to enforce the law. More recently, the state of police militarization displayed in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore raises deep questions about the ethics of paramilitary policing and its consequences for minority citizenship and inclusion. This Note examines police militarization as the result of concerted political decisions that often trade on racial fear and anxiety. Beginning in the… 
Militarization fails to enhance police safety or reduce crime but may harm police reputation
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  • Law, Political Science
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 2018
It is demonstrated that militarized policing fails to enhance officer safety or reduce local crime, and the results suggest that the often-cited trade-off between public safety and civil liberties is a false choice.
Chapter 1 Police Militarization: Implications for Communities of Color
The militarization of police has garnered great attention in recent decades. Bolstered by the wars on drugs and terrorism, police agencies have been receiving military weapons and equipment since the
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Race is central to the construction and application of American criminal law and, in turn, criminal law significant to the American racial experience. Yet, there remains controversy about the very
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Perceptions of Homeland Security Policing in an Urban Midwestern Community by Sukeena Stephens MPA IG, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 2003 BA, Utica College of Syracuse University, 1995
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