The ROSA project: leveraging e-learning to a semantic layer

  title={The ROSA project: leveraging e-learning to a semantic layer},
  author={F{\'a}bio Porto and Ana Maria de Carvalho Moura and F{\'a}bio Jos{\'e} Coutinho da Silva and Adriana Pereira Fernandez},
Learning Content Management System (LCMS) supports e-learning applications with storage and efficient access for e-Learning Objects (LOs). In order to foster LCMS adoption by the e-learning community, an important issue is to bring course modelling to the realm of the LCMS. In this paper, we describe the Repository of Objects with Semantic Access (ROSA) project. ROSA is a LCMS that provides users with a conceptual map view of courses. We present ROSA data model designed as an extension to RDF… CONTINUE READING