The RICH detector of the CBM experiment

  title={The RICH detector of the CBM experiment},
  author={J{\"o}rn Adamczewski-Musch and P. G. Akishin and K. H. Becker and S. G. Belogurov and J. Bendarouach and Nataliya N Boldyreva and Christel Deveaux and V. Dobyrn and Martin D{\"u}rr and Juergen Eschke and Johannes Foertsch and John Heep and Carl-Christoph H{\"o}hne and K Arl-Heinz Kampert and Leonid Kochenda and Jill Kopfer and P. V. Kravtsov and I. V. Kres and Sergei Alekseevich Lebedev and Elena Lebedeva and Ekaterina Leonova and Sergei Linev and Tahany Mahmoud and J. Michel and N. M. Miftakhov and William S. Niebur and Elisaveta Sergeevna Ovcharenko and Vidya Patel and Clement Pauly and Dan Pfeifer and Sven Querchfeld and Julian Rautenberg and Sebastian Reinecke and W. E. Sondheim and Evgeny Roshchin and Vladimir Samsonov and Vitaliy Nikolaevich Schetinin and Oksana Tarasenkova and Michael Traxler and Cahit Ugur and E. A. Vznuzdaev and Marat Vznuzdaev},
Abstract The CBM-RICH detector is designed to identify electrons with momenta up to 8 GeV/ c and high purity as this is essential for the CBM physics program. The detector consist of a CO 2 -gaseous radiator, a spherical mirror system, and Multi-Anode PhotoMultiplier Tubes (MAPMT) of type H12700 from Hamamatsu as photon detectors. The detector concept was verified through R&D studies and a laterally scaled prototype. The results were summarized in a TDR, in which open issues were defined… CONTINUE READING

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