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The RED report: recognition, enhancement, development: the contribution of sessional teachers in higher education

  title={The RED report: recognition, enhancement, development: the contribution of sessional teachers in higher education},
  author={Alisa Percy and Michele Scoufis and Sharon Parry and Allan Edward Goody and Margaret Hicks and Ian MacDonald and Kay Martinez and Nick Szorenyi-Reischl and Yoni Ryan and Sandra Wills and Lynn Sheridan},
This large-scale study into the recognition, enhancement and development of sessional teaching in higher education builds on the Australian Universities Teaching Committee Report (2003a) Training, Support and Management of Sessional Teaching Staff. The aim of the current Project was to identify and analyse current national practice and refocus attention on the issues surrounding sessional teachers in the university sector. The Project had three objectives: to establish the extent of the… 

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