The READEX formalism for automatic tuning for energy efficiency

  title={The READEX formalism for automatic tuning for energy efficiency},
  author={Joseph Schuchart and Michael Gerndt and Per Gunnar Kjeldsberg and Michael Lysaght and David Hoř{\'a}k and Lubom{\'i}r R{\'i}ha and Andreas Gocht and Mohammed Sourouri and Madhura Kumaraswamy and Anamika Chowdhury and Magnus Jahre and Kai Diethelm and Othman Bouizi and Umbreen Sabir Mian and Jakub Kruz{\'i}k and Radim Sojka and Martin Beseda and Venkatesh Kannan and Zakaria Bendifallah and Daniel Hackenberg and Wolfgang E. Nagel},
Energy efficiency is an important aspect of future exascale systems, mainly due to rising energy cost. Although High performance computing (HPC) applications are compute centric, they still exhibit varying computational characteristics in different regions of the program, such as compute-, memory-, and I/O-bound code regions. Some of today’s clusters already offer mechanisms to adjust the system to the resource requirements of an application, e.g., by controlling the CPU frequency. However… CONTINUE READING