The Rôle of Observations in Ancient and Medieval Astronomy

  title={The R{\^o}le of Observations in Ancient and Medieval Astronomy},
  author={W. Hartner},
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  • W. Hartner
  • Published 1977
  • History
  • Journal for the History of Astronomy
An analysis of medieval solar theories
From Antiquity through the early modern period, the apparent motion of the Sun in longitude was simulated by the eccentric model set forth in Ptolemy’s Almagest III, with the fundamental parametersExpand
Solar and lunar observations at Istanbul in the 1570s
From the early ninth century until about eight centuries later, the Middle East witnessed a series of both simple and systematic astronomical observations for the purpose of testing contemporaryExpand
Islamic reception of Greek astronomy
  • G. Saliba
  • Geography
  • Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union
  • 2009
Abstract Research in Islamic science over the last half century or so has clearly established that such old myths as Islamic science being a preservation of Greek science, or that science was alwaysExpand
Theory of Probability and Statistics as Exemplified in Short Dictums
I am presenting a first-ever scientific collection of short sayings on probability and statistics expressed by most various men of science, many classics included, from antiquity to Kepler to ourExpand
The Persian-Toledan Astronomical Connection and the European Renaissance
This paper aims at presenting a brief overview of astronomical exchanges between the Eastern and Western parts of the Islamic world from the 8th to 14th century. These cultural interactions were inExpand
Early Greek Solstices and Equinoxes
How did the early Greeks find the times of solstices and equinoxes?
The treatment of observations in early astronomy
Il est certain que l'application de la theorie des erreurs etait repandue dans les arpentages antiques, mais quelle fut son influence sur le traitement des observations des anciens astronomes?
Theory and Observation
The debate over the origin of the Ptolemaic star catalogue was accompanied by a moralistic evaluation of its genesis. After the accusing faction had offered their evidence for the Hipparchan originExpand
Essay Review: The Sources of Ptolemy's Parameters: The Origins of Ptolemy's Astronomical Parameters
This book is a sequel to The crime of Claudius Ptolemy (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1977),in which, as the author puts it in the preface to his new book, he "found that all of Ptolemy's ownExpand


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Theory and Observation in Medieval Astronomy
T HERE IS NO MODERN STUDY of the relationship between theory and observation in medieval astronomy, as far as I am aware. A number of modern astronomers, foremost among them Simon Newcomb, haveExpand
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