The Question Concerning Technology

  title={The Question Concerning Technology},
  author={Martin Heidegger},
In what follows we shall be questioning concerning technology. Questioning builds a way. We would be advised, therefore, above all to pay heed to the way, and not to fix our attention on isolated sentences and topics. The way is a way of thinking. All ways of thinking, more or less perceptibly, lead through language in a manner that is extraordinary. We shall be questioning concerning technology, and in so doing we should like to prepare a free relationship to it. The relationship will be free… 

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Martin Heidegger’s thought-provoking essay ‘The Question Concerning Technology’ (1977a) placed technology at the heart of philosophy. Heidegger tried to show that the essence of technology provokes

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The Question Concerning Heidegger: Technology and Being, a Deeper Understanding. (August 2006) James Michael Taylor, B.A., Dallas Baptist University Chair of Advisory Committee: Dr. Theodore George

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ond, that for the poet it is the greatest and most difficult thing by far to hâve a command of.2 Why is it, we might ask, that the inappropriate attribution of a name - something that looks

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Translators' Preface. Author's Preface to the Seventh German Edition. Introduction. Exposition of the Question of the Meaning of Being. 1. The Necessity, Structure, and Priority of the Question of