The Quest for Identity. Russian Public Opinion on Europe and the European Union and the National Identity Agenda

  title={The Quest for Identity. Russian Public Opinion on Europe and the European Union and the National Identity Agenda},
  author={Irina Semenenko},
  journal={Perspectives on European Politics and Society},
  pages={102 - 122}
  • I. Semenenko
  • Published 1 April 2013
  • Sociology
  • Perspectives on European Politics and Society
This article looks into the debate on public attitudes in Russia towards the EU and Europe. The relevance of Europe and of the perception of belonging to Europe for Russian national identity is evaluated. To what extent do the Russians see themselves as European and what criteria fit this notion today after the two post-Soviet decades have drawn to a close? The existing image of the EU is analysed in the context of asserting and consolidating the Russian political nation. Elite and expert group… 

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