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The Quay Brothers: Into a Metaphysical Playroom

  title={The Quay Brothers: Into a Metaphysical Playroom},
  author={Suzanne Buchan},
This work is the first thorough analysis of the creative oeuvre of the Quay Brothers. Known for their animation shorts that rely on puppetry, miniatures, and stop-motion techniques, their fiercely idiosyncratic films are fertile fields for Suzanne Buchan's engaging descriptions and provocative insights into the Quays' art-and into the art of independent puppet animation. Buchan's aesthetic investigation stems from extensive access to the Quay Brothers' artistic practices and work, which… 

I . CreatIvIty In soCIoCultural Contexts PhilosoPhy of Matter ManiPulation in Brothers Quay ’ MetaPhorical aniMation

the paper deals with the concept of matter manipulation and its vitality in the Brothers Quay’ works. the matter manipulation is not limited to the actual “matter”. Brothers Quay perceive the acting

Darkness visible : contemporary stop motion animation and the uncanny

This thesis seeks to demonstrate that the uncanny and stop motion animation enjoy a special relationship, one characterised by a sense of darkness becoming visible. A range of scholars, including

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This article aims to flesh out how Stan VanDerBeek created what Time magazine in 1964 rather glibly described as ‘a curious chapter in the manual of animation’. The main focus is on his pre-computer

Apprehending the void: Using animation to interpret the genius loci of the Peel Island Lazaret

This practice-led research project harnesses the plasmatic nature of animation (Eisenstein 1989) to embody the in-between state of being of the Peel Island Lazaret on the island of Teerk Roo Ra in

Notes on a Luxo World

This chapter advances the term ‘Luxo’ as a useful descriptor that awards definition to the unique fictional worlds of the computer-animated feature film. The main body of writing in the initial


Discourses in Cultural Studies and Philosophy around theories of perception, epistemology, material culture and commodity consumption have long informed and underpinned Film Studies, and they are

"Na ombreira da porta”: Intersecções para a construção poética de música visual.

This article first addresses the threshold (place of frontier) between arts in a generic way. Later approaches particularly the poetic intersection between Image and Sound, considering some authors

Performance of Puppets’ Skin Material: The Metadiegetic Narrative Level of Animated Puppets’ Material Surface

: In his book “Narrative Discourse. An Essay in Method” (1980), Gerald Genette describes the relationship between narrative levels, and defines ‘meta-diegetic’ the level that occurs in parallel with

Music Video’s Performing Bodies: Floria Sigismondi as Gestural Animator and Puppeteer

Auteur music video director Floria Sigismondi has a reputation for creating beautifully macabre imagery that has been described as surreal and uncanny. Less obvious is the way in which she uses

Satoshi Kon’s Millennium Actress: A Feminine Journey with Dream-Like Qualities

Satoshi Kon is a Japanese animation film director whose works, story, and imagery suggest altered mental states, such as insanity or dreaming. Millennium Actress (2001), which this author regards as