The Quantum mechanics of cosmology

  title={The Quantum mechanics of cosmology},
  author={James B. Hartle},
Notes from the lectures by the author at the 7th Jerusalem Winter School 1990 on Quantum Cosmology and Baby Universes. The lectures covered quantum mechanics for closed systems like the universe, generalized quantum mechanics, time in quantum mechanics, the quantum mechanics spacetime, and practical quantum cosmology. References have not been updated. 
Decoherence in quantum mechanics and quantum cosmology
A sketch of the quantum mechanics for closed systems adequate for cosmology is presented. This framework is an extension and clarification of that of Everett and builds on several aspects of the
Dynamical wavefunction collapse models in quantum measure theory
The structure of collapse models is investigated in the framework of quantum measure theory, a histories-based approach to quantum mechanics. The underlying structure of coupled classical and quantum
Glafka 2004: Generalizing Quantum Mechanics for Quantum Gravity
Familiar quantum mechanics assumes a fixed spacetime geometry. Quantummechanics must therefore be generalized for quantum gravity where spacetime geometry is not fixed but rather a quantum variable.
The Quasiclassical Realms of This Quantum Universe
The most striking observable feature of our indeterministic quantum universe is the wide range of time, place, and scale on which the deterministic laws of classical physics hold to an excellent
The basic features of the complex canonical formulation of general relativity and the recent developments in the quantum gravity program based on it are reviewed. The exposition is intended to be
We review some of the well-known features of quantum cosmology, such as the factor ordering problem, the wave function and the density matrix, for a dark-energy-dominated universe, where analytical
What Connects Different Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics
We investigate the idea that different interpretations of quantum mechanics can be seen as restrictions of the consistent (or decoherent) histories quantum mechanics of closed systems to particular
Quantum temporal logic and decoherence functionals in the histories approach to generalized quantum theory
The recent suggestion that a temporal form of quantum logic provides the natural mathematical framework within which to discuss the proposal by Gell‐Mann and Hartle for a generalized form of quantum
Spacetime Quantum Mechanics and the Quantum Mechanics of Spacetime
These are the author's lectures at the 1992 Les Houches Summer School, "Gravitation and Quantizations". They develop a generalized sum-over-histories quantum mechanics for quantum cosmology that does


General Relativity; an Einstein Centenary Survey
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