The QRQW PRAM: Accounting for Contention in Parallel Algorithms

  title={The QRQW PRAM: Accounting for Contention in Parallel Algorithms},
  author={Phillip B. Gibbons and Yossi Matias and Vijaya Ramachandran},
We introduce the queue-read, queue-write (QRQW) PRAM model, which permits concurrent reading and writing, but at a cost proportional to the number of readers/writers to a memory location in a given step. Previously, there were no formal complexity models that accounted for the contention to memory locations, despite the large impact of such contentions on the performance of parallel prdgrams. The QRQW PRAM is strictly more powerful than the EREW PRAM. We show a separation of fi between the two… CONTINUE READING
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