The Q-T interval in normal infants and children.

  title={The Q-T interval in normal infants and children.},
  author={Mariano M. Alimurung and Lambert Joseph and Ernest Craige and Benedict F. Massell},
  volume={1 6},
Because of renewed clinical interest in the Q-T interval and because of a need of normal values for an accompanying investigation in rheumatic fever, the Q-T was studied in 517 normal infants and children from birth to 13 years of age. A mean K of 0.404 for Bazett's formula and of 0.378 for Ashman and Hull's formula was obtained. With Bazett's curve approximating the data more closely, a Bazett's scattergram of the normal Q-T at varying heart rates was constructed. Although no difference in K… CONTINUE READING