The Puzzling Persistence of Dual Federalism

  title={The Puzzling Persistence of Dual Federalism},
  author={Ernest A. Young},
This essay began life as a response to Sotirios Barber’s essay (soon to be a book) entitled “Defending Dual Federalism: A Self-Defeating Act.” Professor Barber’s essay reflects a widespread tendency to associate any judicially-enforceable principle of federalism with the “dual federalism” regime that dominated our jurisprudence from the Founding down to the New Deal. That regime divided the world into separate and exclusive spheres of federal and state regulatory authority, and it tasked courts… 

A Federalist New Deal for a More Perfect European Union

The European Crisis is a crisis of the legal framework of European legislation. The post-crisis regulation is executive-ridden, it weaks the stakeholder of a transnational democratic governance, the

Is There a Federal Definitions Power

Although the Supreme Court decided United States v. Windsor on equal protection grounds, that case also raised important and recurring questions about federal power. In particular, defenders of the

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Drawing boundaries in federal systems is often a practical and constitutional challenge for public finance and the delivery of higher education. This paper studies arrangements between national and

Concurrency as crisis decision-making governance: Lessons from Indonesia's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • G. Lele
  • Economics, Business
    Regional & Federal Studies
  • 2021
This research extends the centralization–decentralization dichotomy in the crisis decision-making literature by offering an alternative lens of concurrency. It argues that centralization and decent...



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Dual federalism is a doctrine of American constitutional law. Defending dual federalism is a self-defeating act because of what dual federalism is and what it means to defend it. Dual federalism is

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With all the obvious flaws of delay, untidiness, and potential for abuse, we have not yet found a better way to preserve freedom than by making the exercise of power subject to the carefully crafted

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him an amateur. In Schlegel's hands Moore becomes an apt symbol of the problem of the interdisciplinary law professor—trapped between two conflicting senses of professional identity and welcome in

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