The Psychophysics Toolbox.

  title={The Psychophysics Toolbox.},
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The Psychophysics Toolbox is a software package that supports visual psychophysics. Its routines provide an interface between a high-level interpreted language (MATLAB on the Macintosh) and the video display hardware. A set of example programs is included with the Toolbox distribution. 

The Eyelink Toolbox: Eye tracking with MATLAB and the Psychophysics Toolbox

The Eyelink Toolbox enables experimenters to measure eye movements while simultaneously executing the stimulus presentation routines provided by the Psychophysics Toolbox.

Visual Stimulus Development : FlyFly - A user friendly interface for MatLaba nd the Psychophysics toolbox

Hoverflies use visual cues for a variety of tasks, such as maneuvering through the environment and finding potential mates, and have very developed eyes and use them to be able to navigate.


This paper presents PsychoGear, a new library of psychophysics methods, which can sup-plements haptic, visual, and audio stimuli. We have developed a modular framework thatarises from the

An Introduction to the Objective Psychophysics Toolbox

The Objective Psychophysics Toolbox (o_ptb) provides an intuitive, unified, and clear interface, built on top of the PTB that enables researchers to write readable, clean, and concise code.

Human neurophysiological mechanisms of contextual modulation in primary visual cortex

This dissertation presents a meta-anatomy of the immune system and its role in reward and punishment, which has implications for both social reinforcement and punishment in the context of addiction.

MATLAB and graphical user interfaces: Tools for experimental management

  • Erin M. HarleyG. Loftus
  • Computer Science
    Behavior research methods, instruments, & computers : a journal of the Psychonomic Society, Inc
  • 2000
It is illustrated how a GUI can serve as a powerful and intuitive tool for organizing and controlling all aspects of a psychological experiment, including design, data collection, data analysis, and theory fitting.

A flexible Bayesian method for adaptive measurement in psychophysics

A Bayesian method to measure adaptively any aspect of a psychophysical function, taking inspiration from Kontsevich and Tyler's optimal Bayesian measurement method is described.

Psychophysics in a Web browser? Comparing response times collected with JavaScript and Psychophysics Toolbox in a visual search task

Behavioral researchers are increasingly using Web-based software such as JavaScript to conduct response time experiments. Although there has been some research on the accuracy and reliability of

Using MATLAB with the Psychophysics Toolbox to present the heterochromatic fusion nystagmus stimulus

  • C. CollinA. Chaudhuri
  • Psychology
    Behavior research methods, instruments, & computers : a journal of the Psychonomic Society, Inc
  • 2002
A program for MATLAB is presented that generates and presents theheterochromatic fusion nystagmus stimulus, a reflexive nature of the subject’s response that allows assessment of isoluminant states through recordings of reflexive eye movements.



The VideoToolbox software for visual psychophysics: transforming numbers into movies.

  • D. Pelli
  • Computer Science
    Spatial vision
  • 1997
The VideoToolbox is a free collection of two hundred C subroutines for Macintosh computers that calibrates and controls the computer-display interface to create accurately specified visual stimuli.

Psychophysical Methods

When Fechner (1860/1966) introduced the new transdisciplinary research program of “Psychophysik”, his goal was to present a scientific method of studying the relations between body and mind, or, to

Accurate control of contrast on microcomputer displays

Quest: A Bayesian adaptive psychometric method

An adaptive psychometric procedure that places each trial at the current most probable Bayesian estimate of threshold is described. The procedure takes advantage of the common finding that the human

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