The Psychology of today's woman : new psychoanalytic visions

  title={The Psychology of today's woman : new psychoanalytic visions},
  author={Toni Bernay and Dorothy W. Cantor},
Foreword, Horner Introduction, Bernay, Cantor I. Traditional Visions of Femininity Reassessed 1. Is Freud an Enemy of Women's Liberation? Some Historical Considerations, Lewis 2. Early Pathways to Female Sexuality in Advantaged and Disadvantaged Girls, Galeson II. New Visions of Femininity 3. Reconciling Nurturance and Aggression: A New Feminine Identity, Bernay 4. The Self-in-Relation: Empathy and the Mother-Daughter Relationship, Jordan, Surrey 5. Antigone: Symbol of Autonomy and Women's… CONTINUE READING