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The Psychology of the Future.

  title={The Psychology of the Future.},
  author={Alvin Toffler},
Transpersonal Approaches to Autoethnographic Research and Writing
During my life as a professional writer, I have always been intrigued by the power of the personal story as a way of healing and transformation. As an avid reader and writer of biographies and
Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research
The objective of this paper is to summarize my experiences and observations concerning the nature of the human psyche in health and disease that I have amassed during more than fifty years of
Revision and Re‐Enchantment of Psychology: Legacy from Half a Century of Consciousness Research
Drawing on observations from more than fifty years of research into an important subgroup of non-ordinary states of consciousness that he calls ‘‘holotropic,’’ the author suggests a revision of some
Defining Transformative Experiences: A Conceptual Analysis
The concept of transformative experience (TE) has been widely explored by several disciplines from philosophy to neurobiology, and in different domains, from the spiritual to the educational one.
From Philosophy to Phenomenology: The Argument for a “Soft” Perennialism
This paper argues for a soft perennialism, distinct from the hard perennialism which suggests that spiritual and religious traditions are expressions of the same underlying spiritual realities. There
Spontaneous Spiritual Awakenings: Phenomenology, Altered States, Individual Differences, and Well-Being
Spontaneous Kundalini Awakenings were found to be significantly more physical, but not significantly more negative than SSAs, and overall, both sets of experiences were perceived to be overwhelmingly more positive than negative, even in cases where the experience was initially challenging.
Prenatal Envi ron ment and Postnatal Life i n S . Grof's, F. Lake's and A. Kafkal ides' Work
To what extent does the quality of the intra-uterine period of a man's life affect his mental health, shape up his consciousness and form his personality? The present study, refers to the clinical
Resolving Late Consequences of Prenatal Stress with Dynamic Tandem Hypnotherapy (DTH)
Conditions of prenatal stress can be healed with such a therapeutic approach at the same functional level on which the trauma occurred, according to the authors.
Semantic Representation of Social and Role Identification in Subject Self-Organization of Personality
Objective. Based on the psycholongvistic approach, which is widely represented in world personology and psychosemantics, revealing the subjective descriptive characteristics of a person, an attempt
Changing Suicide Bereavement Narrative Through Integral Breath Therapy
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to examine the efficacy of Integral Breath Therapy (IBT) as an appropriate intervention for facilitating meaning-making out of a traumatic loss and reducing