The Pseudo-Science of Microaggressions

  title={The Pseudo-Science of Microaggressions},
  author={Althea K. Nagai},
  journal={Academic Questions},
A tsunami of microaggressions has swamped the country from east to west, with students posting their tales on social media and university websites. There are so many, many cruel statements, wrong words, routine insensitivities, and degrading silences—those “brief and everyday slights, insults, indignities and denigrating messages” sent by well-intentioned members of the dominant culture. Whites are “unaware of the hidden messages being communicated,” while overtly denying that they are racists… 

Making a Microaggression: Using Big Data and Qualitative Analysis to Map the Reproduction and Disruption of Microaggressions through Social Media

Racial microaggressions are defined as subtle racial slights that can be offensive or hurtful. One of the defining characteristics of racial microaggressions is how difficult they can be to respond

How is ‘racism’ understood in literature about black and minority ethnic social work students in Britain? A conceptual review

ABSTRACT This conceptual review interrogates a body of literature concerned with black and minority ethnic (BME) social work students in Britain since 2008. This period has coincided with an



The Racial Microaggressions Scale (RMAS): a new scale to measure experiences of racial microaggressions in people of color.

Results indicated that the Racial Microaggression Scale is a multidimensional tool to assess perceptions of racial microaggressions by people of color.

The What, the Why, and the How: A Review of Racial Microaggressions Research in Psychology

A review of racial microaggressions research literature in psychology since 2007 suggests that important conceptual and methodological issues remain to be addressed in the three domains.

Development and initial validation of the inventory of Microaggressions Against Black Individuals.

The present findings support the IMABI as a reliable and valid measure of microaggressions that was associated with general distress and perceived stress and persisted even when social desirability and another measure of race-related stress were included in the analyses.

The Racial and Ethnic Microaggressions Scale (REMS): construction, reliability, and validity.

  • K. Nadal
  • Psychology
    Journal of counseling psychology
  • 2011
Analysis indicate that the REMS is a valid measure of racial microaggressions, as evidenced by high correlations with existing measures of racism and participants' feedback.