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The Prosperous Community: Social Capital and Public Life

  title={The Prosperous Community: Social Capital and Public Life},
  author={Robert D. Putnam},
Your corn is ripe today; mine will be so tomorrow. ‘Tis profitable for us both, that I should labour with you today, and that you should aid me tomorrow. I have no kindness for you, and know you have as little for me. I will not, therefore, take any pains upon your account; and should I labour with you upon my own account, in expectation of a return, I know I should be disappointed, and that I should in vain depend upon your gratitude. Here then I leave you to labour alone; You treat me in the… 

Risk and the Labor Market

According to many pundits, we are living in a “high-risk society,” a kind of postmodern frontier economy (Mandel 1996). Workers are being advised to take care of themselves and their kin because

The Vanishing: Looking for Friendships in Traditional Neighbouring

  • J. Wilkinson
  • Political Science, Sociology
    The Public Life of Friendship
  • 2019
This chapter argues that, because of the way the debates have been framed, it is hard to see the contribution friendship makes to community, neighbour relations and the public sphere, particularly in

The myth of social capital in community development

Abstract This article argues that contemporary interest in social capital by community development theorists, funders, and practitioners is misguided and needs to be thoroughly rethought. It argues

Bigmen and Wantoks: Social Capital and Group Behaviour in Papua New Guinea

The concept of social capital has received a lot of attention in the social sciences in the last few years. It has come to be seen as an important factor in promoting socioeconomic development.

Forging new relationships: Social capital in the transistion

A theory of transitional economies is now emerging, much of which is evolutionary-institutional in nature and hence very critical of the naïveté of socalled shock therapy and the economic reasoning


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Social Capital, Social Contracts, and Public Policy in the United States

The underlying social framework in which we live seems to becoming less social. The connections we have between individuals, businesses, and government has become impersonal and distant. If this is a

Poverty and the Willful Destruction of Social Capital: Displacement and Dispossession in African American Communities

The concept of “social capital” has grown in popularity among those who write about poverty and its alleviation. This paper examines and criticizes recent policy initiatives that seek to cure poverty

Revisiting Tocqueville's America

The concept of social capital has revitalized the study of civil society. Alexis de Tocqueville's examination of 19th-century America is a major source of inspiration for much of this work.

Local enterprise facilitation

In a rapidly globalizing economy, many communities are stranded in unemployment or work without meaning. This thesis asks the question: can local communities create economic development with