The Prophet as lawgiver and legal authority

  title={The Prophet as lawgiver and legal authority},
  author={Joseph E. Lowry and Jonathan E. Brockopp},

Concept of Collaboration from the Islamic Perspective: The View Points for Health Providers

Collaboration involves direct and open communication and respect for different perspectives. In particular, religious literature has many references to collaboration. This study is a report of

‘One of the most important questions that human beings have to understand’

In the present article, the authors argue that the study of Salafism as a contemporary Islamic new religious movement could benefit from an analytical perspective separating fundamentalism into the

Conciliation and Conflict in the Meccan and Medinan Qur'an: A Thematic Study of Suras 6 to 9

Despite its important social implications, the subject of conciliation in the Qur'an remains an under-researched field of study. This article focuses on the relationship between conciliation and

The Rise of Legal Uncertainty

Law and Politics under the Abbasids

Abu Ma'ali al-Juwayni (d.478/1085) lived in a politically tumultuous period. The rise of powerful dynastic families forced the Abbasid Caliph into a position of titular power, and created