The Project Excellence Model®: linking success criteria and critical success factors

  title={The Project Excellence Model{\textregistered}: linking success criteria and critical success factors},
  author={E Westerveld},
  journal={International Journal of Project Management},
  • E. Westerveld
  • Published 2003
  • Engineering
  • International Journal of Project Management
Abstract Although there has been significant research on both project success criteria and critical success factors for projects, there has not been a concept defined that can link the two. This while the need to relate critical success factors to project success criteria is identified in both theory and practice. The Project Excellence Model, described in this paper, is adapted from the EFQM-model and is a concept developed to fill this need. The Project Excellence Model is developed using… Expand

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Het verbeteren van uw projectorganisatie; het Project Excellence Model in de praktijk
  • Deventer: Kluwer;
  • 2001