The Production Rate of Cortisol in Man

  title={The Production Rate of Cortisol in Man},
  author={C. Cope and E. Black},
  journal={British Medical Journal},
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have the picture of normal haem-that is, iron protoporphyrin-together with masses of uroporphyrin I and coproporphyrin I, the end stages of the abnormal synthesis proceeding in some erythrocytes. To understand this situation in more detail it is necessary to recall what is now known about the biochemistry of porphyrin synthesis, and this I have summarized in Fig. 2. Glycine and succinic acid are the two simple materials from which the complex ring structure of porphyrin is built up. An initial… Expand

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  • R. E. Peterson
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The purpose of this paper to summarize the present knowledge of the metabolism of these three natural adrenocorticoids: cortisol, corticosterone, and aldosterone. Expand
Introduction and removal of hydrocortisone from plasma. Rates in normal subjects and anxious patients.
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A large number of physical and psychological stresses have been shown to increase adrenocortical secretion, and increased responsivity to corticotropin (ACTH) in subjects under the disturbing condition has chiefly consisted in demonstrating increased plasma hydrocortisone levels. Expand
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Findings justify the conclusion that adrenal cortical activity is probably raised in pregnancy and the magnitude of this increase has remained a matter of conjecture. Expand
The Measurement of the Endogenous Hydrocortisone Production Rate in Human Subjects, Using C14-Labelled Hydrocortisone
respect of cystic fibrosis, while sodium values with bronchiectasis; as a research tool in represent the resultant of several variables. investigating a number of seemingly connected Anderson &Expand
Metabolism of cortisol-4-C14 in patients with infectious and collagen diseases
Observations indicate that a larger part of cortisol remains as a biologically active form in plasma and may result in the increased urinary 11-OH metabolites in patients with infectious and collagen diseases. Expand
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It would be superfluous to mention all the hormones which can now be estimated in blood with an acceptable degree of accuracy, but they include some such as insulin, corticotropin and thyrotropin dependent still on bio-assay techniques, and others such as steroids and catechol amines where chemical methods may be accurately applied. Expand
Laboratory investigation of the human hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical system.
It is shown that the adrenal cortex in man, as far as cortisol production is concerned, shows little impairment even in advanced age, and is susceptible to failure on account of treatment which the patient may receive at the hands of the doctor, the so-called iatrogenic adrenocortical insufficiency. Expand
Secretion of steroid hormones in vivo.
This chapter discusses the secretion of steroid hormones in vivo, and shows that the enzymes needed for steroid biosynthesis are present in all steroid-forming organs and that the distinctive secretory products of different glands are reflected by differences in the activities of appropriate enzymes. Expand
Some aspects of the measurement of cortisol production in patients with breast cancer.
It is postulated that, in some cases, there may be a second precursor of urinary THE and THF which contributes significant amounts to the excretion of these metabolites. Expand
Produktion und Stoffwechsel von Corticosteroiden und Androgenen bei der Lebercirrhose
It is demonstrated that in patients with cirrhosis of the liver, conclusions on the function of the adrenals and the gonads, based on results of urinary analysis of steroid hormones, are limited. Expand


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1957) to estimate cortisol destruction rate, but when cortisol levels in the blood are greatly raised there is considerable likelihood that the turnover rate or destruction
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1957) have also obtained evidence suggesting that turnover in hepatic cirrhosis is reduced. This may be due to slower destruction of the hormone by the liver, so that less fresh cortisol
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