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The Principles of Psychology - Volume II.

  title={The Principles of Psychology - Volume II.},
  author={Herbert Spencer},
Contemporary Processes of Text Typeface Design
Text typeface design can often be a lengthy and solitary endeavour on the part of the designer. An endeavour for which, there is little in terms of guidance to draw upon regarding the design
Phenomenal experience and the aesthetics of agency
In his fascinating new book Games: Agency as Art, C. Thi Nguyen claims that games construct and frame forms of human agency in a way that gives rise to a genuine aesthetics of agency.This is no con...
Ethical Attention and the Self in Iris Murdoch and Maurice Merleau-Ponty
ABSTRACT As attention, in philosophy, is mainly discussed in the philosophy of mind, its ethical aspects have remained relatively unexplored. One notable exception is Iris Murdoch. Another
Doctoral Support Networks: characteristics and associations with research conditions and identity development
Doctoral candidates rely on diverse individuals to cope with the challenges of their doctoral trajectory. In this article we define Doctoral Support Networks (DSNs) as the group of individuals with
Pragmatic Circulations: John Dewey's Philosophy, Movement Practices and Embodied Cognition
A close reading of some of John Dewey's ideas are provided, retrospectively informed by notions such as conceptual metaphors and image schemata, to consider a pragmatic framework for movement and embodied cognition, and some implications for embodied interaction.
Quantum Cognitive Triad. Semantic geometry of context representation
  • I. Surov
  • Physics
    Foundations of Science
  • 2020
The paper describes an algorithm for cognitive representation of triples of related behavioral contexts two of which correspond to mutually exclusive states of some binary situational factor while
Action-conditioned Benchmarking of Robotic Video Prediction Models: a Comparative Study
This paper proposes an action inference system and quantitatively rank different video prediction models based on how well they can infer the robot actions from the predicted frames, based on human perception of frame quality.
The crying clarinet: Emotion and music in Parakalamos
Social narratives in Pogoni, Greece are dominated by a sense of pain that is associated with local history. This emotional trope relates directly to cultural expression, especially in terms of music.
Reconstruction of the Conceptualization of Self-Esteem and Methods for Measurement: Renovating Self-Esteem Research
Self-esteem is one of the most prevalent psychological constructs and a target for improvement in environments ranging from schools to communities. However, at the beginning of this century,