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The Principle of Discrimination in 21 st Century Warfare

  title={The Principle of Discrimination in 21 st Century Warfare},
  author={Michael. and Schmitt},
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Autonomous Weapons in Humanitarian Law: Understanding the Technology, Its Compliance with the Principle of Proportionality and the Role of Utilitarianism
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Autonomous machines are moving rapidly from science fiction to science fact. The defining feature of this technology is that it can operate independently of human control. Consequently, society must
Of souls, spirits and ghosts: Transposing the application of the rules of targeting to lethal autonomous robots
C An Ability to Experience Emotions and Compassion Human Rights Watch ('HRW') (303) and Robert Sparrow (304) argue that an ability to experience emotions, compassion and connection to citizens of the
The XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System: A ‘Game Changer’ for the (Law on the) Battlefield? Revisiting the Legality of Explosive Projectiles under the Law of Armed Conflict
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In the summer of 2010, the US Army began the field-testing of a new weapon, the XM25 ‘Individual Semi-Automatic Airburst System’, which fires ‘airburst’ anti-personnel rounds that can be programmed
Cyber Warfare: Applying the Principle of Distinction in an Interconnected Space
While the rules of the jus in bello are generally operative in cyberspace, it appears to be problematic to apply the fundamental principle of distinction because of the systemic interconnection of