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The Principals and Instances of Involuntary Manslaughter in the Law of Iran and USA

  title={The Principals and Instances of Involuntary Manslaughter in the Law of Iran and USA},
  author={Gholamreza Rahimi and Hormoz Asadi Koohbad},
Murder and its variety in legal systems has always been one of the important issues in which its practical result of the discussion is evident and tangible unlike most other theories, hence its comparative and analytical study is effective to reach an ultimate goal and purpose of criminal law. In article 616 of Islamic Penal Code, if manslaughter caused due to recklessness or negligence, the perpetrator was not skillful in doing an action, or caused due to nonconformity with systems, the… 


Throughout the last decades the so-called Psychology of criminal conduct, which agglutinates scientific knowledge surrounding criminal phenomena, has been taking shape. We can find among the
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It was proposed that empathy promoted sadistic reinforcement by enhancing the psychopath's awareness of the victim's pain and distress, and a sadistic, effective-processing psychopathic model of violence was suggested by the higher empathy and better impulse control of the high-IQ psychopath.
Differentiating stranger murders: profiling offender characteristics from behavioral styles.
Offender characteristics related in the anticipated way to the different crime scene styles, providing a basis for law enforcement inferences about offenders in stranger murders.
Psychological Profiling
The development of psychological profiling is examined from its use during World War II to its use today in criminal investigation. This historical analysis includes Dr. James Brussels's work on the
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