The Princeton Field Guide to Pterosaurs

  title={The Princeton Field Guide to Pterosaurs},
  author={Gregory Paul},
  • G. Paul
  • Published 18 May 2022
  • Environmental Science

A review and reappraisal of the specific gravities of present and past multicellular organisms, with an emphasis on tetrapods

Techniques for obtaining the best possible SG data are explained and utilized, including observations of floating animals, and Neutral specific gravity (NSG) is proposed as the most important value for tetrapods with respiratory tracts of fluctuating volume.

Observations on Paleospecies Determination, With Additional Data on Tyrannosaurus Including Its Highly Divergent Species Specific Supraorbital Display Ornaments That Give T. rex a New and Unique Life Appearance

  • G. Paul
  • Environmental Science
  • 2022
Intrageneric dinosaur species have been being named for decades without either significant examination of the methods and standards used to do so, or widely publicized controversy over the results.