The Primordial helium abundance from observations of extragalactic H-II regions

  title={The Primordial helium abundance from observations of extragalactic H-II regions},
  author={Bernard Ephraim Julius Pagel and E. A. Simonson and Roberto Terlevich and Michael Edmunds},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
The pre-galactic (assumed primordial) helium mass fraction Y p is determined to be 0.228 ± 0.005 (s.e.) or Y p < 0.242 with 95 per cent confidence, taking reasonably likely systematic errors into account. This is based on INT and AAT observations of emission lines from H II galaxies combined with selected data from the literature relating to extragalactic H II regions in general, discussed in a consistent analysis taking into account the known corrections and likely sources of error 
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A new determination of the pregalactic helium abundance based on the Magellanic Clouds H II regions is discussed. This determination amounts to Yp = 0.2345 +- 0.0030 and is compared with those
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