The Primitive Distance-Transitive Representations of the Fischer Groups

  title={The Primitive Distance-Transitive Representations of the Fischer Groups},
  author={Stephen A. Linton and Klaus Lux and Leonard H. Soicher},
  journal={Experimental Mathematics},
Research partly funded by the DFG (Germany) in the framework of the joint research project \Algorithmic Number Theory and Algebra", and also by the European Community HCM grant in \Computational Group Theory". We classify the primitive distance-transitive representations of the Fischer sporadic simple groups and their automorphism groups. It turns out that the only primitive distance-transitive representations of these groups are their rank 3 representations. In the process of our work, we also… CONTINUE READING

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\ Distance - transitive representations of the sporadic groups "

S. A. Linton, K. Lux, J. Saxl
Neumaier , Distance - Regular Graphs Character Theory of FiniteGroups

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